Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Image Day

Yes, it is that slacker blog posting day when I have nothing other than an image. Other bloggers will try to tell you it was just a great photo capture and they had to share it with you. They're lying.

They either have nothing to say that day (guilty) or no time to say it (still guilty).

That being said - it was a great photo image I just had to share with you! (HA! I kill me!) And you can click image to make bigger if you so desire.

Actually this is remains from the Foulton St. bridge which the city blew up a few months ago. Yes...a few months ago...and the wreckage remains. If you think they didn't do a very good job you should have seen the original implosion.....only half the bridge collapsed. Contractors! You can't get them to do anything right!!!

The other issue is that the bridge runs right over the zoo. So while this part looks like the job was unfinished with TNT that part was on purpose. They wanted to minimize the damage to the zoo and the animals.

This part of the bridge will be taken down a bit more manually. Eventually.


Anonymous said...

Wow - that's incredible - Cleveland has a zoo.

Anonymous said...

I can remember visiting the zoo there and seeing the nets that had been draped under the bridge to catch falling concrete and other debris from the underside of the bridge. It's about time they tore it down.