Wednesday, February 27, 2019

She Works Hard for the Money hard for it honey.

I mean, really W.T. F. does a man with $6.5 BILLION have the need to go to a store-front hooker palace.massage parlour.

For g-d's sake:  order IN!

Yes, I know I'm late to this, but you know - Oscars, Shep Porn, yada yada yada.

Save for the human trafficking factor, I think it's the commonality of a store front that offends me the most.  Let's face it, if it just a Shiatsu and a store-front, Robert Kraft could have walked into any of the 3,401 Massage Envys that are at any local mall.

There's a few things with this story that just get to me:

1.  I guess the 1% are just like us.  I mean, if I had to pay for a hand-job, or whatever else he got in that place.

Money makes no difference in urges or lack of discretion. He might be smart in business, but lacks common sense. Of course, he also probably thinks he is above the law and rules do not him.

2. Human Trafficking.

I could give two shits about a lousy hand-job, to any socio-economic class. Not really.

However, when it's done at the cost of basic enslavement for the sexual pleasure of others, there is something wrong there.

Kraft's buddy, BLOTUS, wants that g-ddamn fucking reduce human trafficking.

Oooooh-weeeeee......who's gonna tell that gas bag he'll now need a wall from China, Malaysia, the Philippines, Bhutan, Eritrea, and any of the other countries.

But yes, the place Bob Kraft got his happy ending - albeit, interrupted (I think) - was / is involved in human trafficking.  Period.  And anymore, when you're paying for sex, you just kind of have to figure this to be the case.  And because you propagate this behaviour, Bob, you're part of the problem.

Of course, you and BLOTUS don't think this to be the case - grabbing pussies when and where you can.

And the slap in the face irony of the NFL's fucking Human Trafficking Awareness commercial they produced AND played........AT the SuperBowl where Kraft's team was playing is completely lost on Kraft, the NFL and the like.

The NFL won't do a thing to Kraft - even if they could. Dog killers get a pass.  Spousal abuse gets a pass. Theft - pass. Attempted murder - pass. 

If Bob Kraft gets down on one knee - where he usually pays his women to be - during the National Anthem, then the league will act.   ....eventually.

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anne marie in philly said...

somewhere it's gonna come out that dump was with kraft at that facility...since they're good friends...just sayin'...

Ur-spo said...

Oh the pain.
This story may change its players but never goes away.