Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Fields are Full of Your Kind

.....and so it begins.

The 2020 democratic field is large....and getting larger.

I'm not sure about this image. Is the Rock and Mark Zuckerberg contemplating a run for office?

I'd take one, but not the other. 

And Mark Kuban?  WTF.

Granted, not all of these are "official" in terms of running. Some are exploring the idea, some have already announced. All are better than the current resident at 1600 - and yes, I mean Baron.  I don't know the kid, but you gotta figure he's more prepared than his sperm donor dad.

I'm curious to see how the democratic field all plays out. I think you're going to see Biden, Bernie and Liz drop out faster than one would assume. Maybe not right away, but I don't think they're campaigns are going to cut it for the long run.

Sander is currently 77.  Biden, 76.  Warren, a woman!

I kid, I kid.  She's 69.

At this point with these three (esp the men), it's about the running mate, as a four year term is iffy and an eight year one, improbable. Besides the fact that they're older white guys - and well, I think DC has seen enough of that.  Kind of.

While we don't need 'the standard' I'd be ok with four years of 'normal'.

I see on social media people already bashing Bernie for running. JFC - let. it. go. 

You can blame the Sanders supporters for not voting Hillary, but I don't believe that to be totally true. Wasserman-Shultz disenfranchised a lot of the democratic party, when the DNC selected Clinton as the candidate regardless of what the voters might have thought. We were railroaded a candidate, come hell or high water.

AND, Hillary still won the popular vote and lost the election, so don't give me this shit that voting Bernie made Trump the winner.

Also some of these social-media rights (get it, get it??) have already picked out their candidate before much has come of them.  Oh - I remember Howard Dean and my love for him.  How'd that turn out for me (and him) after the third primary?

I'd say, "it's early", but it's not anymore. They're right on time. New Hampshire is a year away. Let's see how the next few months play out.  Some of these folks will just fall away. Some will come on board. Some will show their absolute stupidity.  Some will show they're nothing more than talk (Warren - I'm lookin' at you on this).

When all else fails, I can always write-in: the Rock.

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anne marie in philly said...

the only person in whom I am interested so far is harris. I am willing to listen to the others. but gabbard, biden, sanders, warren are DOA.