Saturday, February 23, 2019


Well It's that day of the week that drives you feline and canine lovers to my blog............and then you're gone again.

I TOTALLY get it.

If I looked like that, I'd have readers in droves. let's get on with it.

Shep up at Shaker Lakes.  Just the two of us.  710 was home wit a bad code.

Sophie: the cat who refuses to look at the cam-a-rah. 

Shep's Day Care.  
So. Many. Cute. Dogs. 

Shep and one of his many many ducks. 

Heat seeking cat .

My personal fave for the week. 
Snoozin' Shep.

I don't know where 710 will sleep, but I'm sure he'll figure it out. 

Song by:  the Band


Raybeard said...

We can see whose home it is - and it doesn't look like it's yours! Talk about taking for granted their comforts which YOU provide!

In that doggie care home I wouldn't care to be the one to keep that floor poo-free, which must be a rarity. But still, it's got to be done - just one of the downers of having a dog which we cat owners don't have to be concerned with, at least usually.

Btw: For about a month now whenever I attempt to bring up your blog I'm always getting the message 'This site can't be reached - but if I leave it for maybe 10-15 secs more it does eventually come up. It doesn't happen with any other blogs and I wonder if anyone else has mentioned being subject to the same little glitch. Not that it matters when, if I'm just a little bit patient, it will appear. Just thought I'd mention.

Blobby said... one has mentioned it. If anyone does experience the same issue, please let me know.

....and for the record, I've never seen pooh on that floor.

anne marie in philly said...

@raybeard - that message you get sometimes happens to me on other blogs/web sites. I just hit the refresh button and the site pops right up. must be gremlins in da intertubz.

yep, sleeping shep wins the award for kyoot this week.

Anonymous said...

Just adore Sophie, she always looks great in her photos.


Bob said...

I love Shep's sleepy face alongside Sophie's leave me alone mug!

Raybeard said...

I'll try the 'refresh' next time, W.Q. - might speed things up a bit. Thanx.

NO poo on floor, B? (i.e. without an 'h' at the end). With the 'h' would make 'Winnie the.....' - for me at least. The staff should be congratulated - and/or the dogs!

Deedles said...

I do love the pet porn pix, but I read your blog every day, Blobby, and I'm fairly sure that you have a lot of non commenting lurkers. You're very interesting, even though your taste in music is baffling, to me at least. I did have a point just can't remember what it is. this is happening more often as I age. Yep, I'm blameing it on getting older.

Ur-spo said...

how can we not with pets so adorable as these?