Monday, February 18, 2019

My Music Monday

Had I thought of it, I could have done a month of Academy Award winning songs - as we are a week away from Mike v Blob annual event.

I'm feeling confident, though I have no basis for that at all.

As it stands, I did not think the theme through and now it's too late. Please remind me in 11 months, will ya?

So I played iTunes Roulette and we're getting George Michael.

Maybe about 17-20 years ago, he did an album of standards. Or older songs. The Police's "Roxanne" isn't a standard, nor should be crafted into one.

For all of Michael's faults, his voice wasn't one of them. The idea of him doing a disk with an orchestra wasn't out of the realm of possibility.  Theory and Reality are two different things.

The problem became with some of this song choices and most of the actual arrangements (see: "Roxanne").   Only one song on the disk kind of came off well, and it's "Brother, Can You Spare a Dime".

This would have been a song from my parent's era. It's a Depression Era tale.

I'm sure I've heard the song done in the era for which it was intended, but not enough to know how Michael's compares. I think it stands on its own.   .....for folks who like this kind of thing....

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Deedles said...

George Michael was one of my favorite singers. I love voices.