Saturday, February 11, 2017


In a busy week of SCROTUS, work, and falling down, there is always the need for pet therapy. An good thing for you - and me - that we have it today.

Break time. 

Kooper and Shep take a rest between play. Shep seems to love eating snow. 

King of the mountain.....or at least of the house. 


He's not horribly food driven (like Petey was), but he is curious. 

Sophie's indignity: having to share space. 


We had dinner at my sister's house. Boomer was hanging about hoping Shep didn't run over him. 

New Toy. 

Bobbi our neighbor presented Shep with a new dragon. He walked all the way home with it. He is a spoiled little man. 

Fun at the middle school. 

Kooper and Shep having a good chase in the snow. 

Song by: XTC


anne marie in philly said...

pure delight watching the dogs romp in the snow without a care in the world.

Raybeard said...

Dogs seem to have the enviable ability to live in the moment, a talent which most of we humans can only wish for. Lovely to see these two doing just that.

Fearsome Beard said...

Life in the shadow of Shep.

Anonymous said...

That's the way I look at a doughnut.

Ur-spo said...

Sophie has that look of pained dignity.