Sunday, February 19, 2017

Site of the Month

So, apparently Sean Spicer doesn't know, or can't be bothered to learn name of the press corp?

I really don't know. The most I've seen of the man is when he's being played by a woman.  ....and you know that has just go to tee him (and the entire administration off).

So, when I say I don't know him, I can't be bothered (i.e. stand) to listen to him or his briefings.

I'm assuming he can't be bothered (i.e. stand) to learn the name of the press corp - if this month's Site of the Month is remotely accurate.

I present to you, the Sean Spicer-ized My Name.

....and apparently I'm let it be written, so let it be told.

What's yours?


anne marie in philly said...


"let them eat cake!"

anne marie in philly said...

PS - that last pix: makes ya wanna take a dump in that mouth!

Stephen said...

Not far into the scheme of things and already not wanting to turn the TV on.

Anonymous said...

Can I say something odd? But when I was watching the President on TV last night I kind of thought he looked like a blond Elvis. Every time I look at him I imagine him wearing one of the King's Vegas style white rhinestone suits. I can't seem to get this out of my head. Does this make me a weirdo? No offence to any Elvis fans out there!

PS AM you're terrible!!!

anne marie in philly said...

@JP - so spank me! :)

Fearsome Beard said...

Me? who has the same first name as spicer he would call "She"
Fearsome? "Featherstone Beardsley"