Wednesday, February 22, 2017

I Think I Love You

Apparently, it's not just a song.

David Cassidy might not really know if he does love you.

Too soon??

The poor dude has dementia. Or......that's what he's calling his fall from sobriety (and from a stage).

Yes, I get it's all very tasteless......but so am I.  I'm sure you all had to pick up on that by now, no?

On a semi-related note.......

My first album was the Partridge Family's debut.

Well - let me clarify. My father brought me home two records on the same day - the aforementioned tv band (actually, the series had not yet debuted) and an album by Gilbert O'Sullivan - because what 1st grader doesn't need an disk that has a song about suicide?

The bigger mystery to me was: how did my dad even know about either of these things? Certainly not from my mother. I was the fourth child.......she couldn't be bothered to pick up on queues. And hell, even I didn't know who Gilbert O'Sullivan was.

Maybe they meant to get me the Mikado.

Even as a wee gay lad I never saw the appeal of Cassidy. Being a super wee gay lad, I liked Laurie Partridge way better.  What was that about?  They say kids can be sexually confused, I guess I was.

That first Partridge disk was also an eye-opener?  They didn't write or play a thing?  I mean, except for Shirley & Keith. Oh, Blobby was devastated.  On the other hand, it got me into a life-long habit ot devouring liner notes.  .....that is until digital music took that away from me.

I'd say I've gotten off-course, but I'm not sure I have. I'm not sure there was a course with which to begin.

Oh oh oh....there is this.

The pubes aside: should I be worried that we have never seen Patti Smith and David Cassidy in the same place at the same time?

Song by: the Partridge Family


wcs said...

My first album was the Archies. Ouch.

anne marie in philly said...

food for thought there...and just EEEEEEW on the naked pix.

my first album - rubber soul, the beatles

Bob said...

He was kinda crush-y back in the day.

I think. =)

Anonymous said...

Now, now, Patti Smith has a touch more masculinity to her, don't you think? So did Susan Dey (Laurie) come to think of it. My parents had albums, I had forty-fives. I did win an album of bubble gum music from a call in radio contest. I wore out To Love Somebody on that thing. Started my life long crush on Barry Gibb.


Ur-spo said...

That is sad news. I remember the TV show.

rebecca said...

Me eyes!!!
I think you wanted to BE Laurie. Not touch her.

Stephen said...

Been seeing this on the news "his dementia" which saddens me to the heart. Having seen it all too much in work and my own personal life. It is devastating for all involved. And on a lighter note, I too, remember the TV shows, his heartthrob days, their music. That was a long time ago, let me begin to exercise this brain of mine, got to ward off the possibility of my own dementia.

Fearsome Beard said...

Wait are you confusing this pic of Patti with David? No way he has that big a bush.
First Album? That mom bought me? Walt Disney's Shaggy Dog soundtrack. That I bought myself? Led Zeppelin Houses of the Holy. Still have both!

Kirk said...

He'd be considered a "twink" today.