Tuesday, February 07, 2017


When my friend Jeremy moved to Atlanta a few years ago, I fretted that it would be the end of our friendship.

There are no worries. We call each other now and then, but text often - usually daily.

Mostly it's about his "love" life {oh yes, quotes!} or being the only Jew working in a Christian organization. Both are fun topics. I get to comment on guys I don't know and will never know - and get to hear tales of the single life and how horrible it sounds to actually attempt to date.

Then of course, we exchange the weird things in life.   ......like yesterday.

Here is a pop-up news story that came to his phone.

Maybe he got busy, but Jeremy didn't respond to my comment:  did they slip and fall in it? 

Or maybe it's funnier because law enforcement has to provide updates on said bank robbery. Either way, I bet they don't put those exploding dye packs in the getaway bags.

Song by:  Fleetwood Mac

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Travel said...

I can just imaging the chuckles as the workman's comp paperwork is processed. The presentation of the citation for an injury sustained in a sperm bank.