Monday, February 20, 2017

My Music Monday

C'mon - if you're gonna do a theme with articles of clothing, footwear has to be part of it, no?  And I refuse to do Nancy Sinatra. Yes, I own that song, but I refuse to be a clich√©.

Sure, I had my choices of songs, but opted to go with 1993's "Walking in My Shoes" by Depeche Mode  ....because I'm gay.

What gay man - of a certain age - didn't love Depeche Mode back in this era?

DM has a new disk coming out in a few months. I have to say, some '80s acts really keep plugging away - and successfully. I mean, after you heard "People are People" 35 years ago, did you really thing they'd still be putting out new music?

Yeah - I didn't think so. But then, neither did I.

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