Friday, February 24, 2017

App of the Month

5 Calls. 5 minutes. 5 days.

Why not make my App of the Month* political?

"They" have made government even more difficult than it already had been. Maybe we need a simple phone app to make it more difficult for them.

As the description say, 'Turn your passive resistance into active resistance".

You download the app (duh), enter your zip code, and then there is a list of 8-10 items and you choose what is important to you - five of them, so you don't make the title of the app a liar.

As you click on one - it brings up the issue and a list of people to contact who would be involved. For one it might be the Senate, or your House representative.

It's a call. Chances are you will get an answering machine, but you leave your message anyways. You keep hearing about the congress members who have been avoiding the fuck out of town halls, so don't let them not hear your voice.

Clicking on the representative dials the phone - you don't have to look it up. Just leave your message. But be calm, cool and collect. They're never going to react to insane matter how bat shit crazy they clearly are.

In the first sentence I say "5 days".  Because the idea is to do it during business days. And if the issues list doesn't update, take another swipe at the ones you've done before. Make your mark. Make your voice heard.

*App of the "Month" is not to be taken literally. 


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Jeffrey said...

Thank you. Downloaded and am calling.

Shoshanah Marohn said...

That is so cool! Thank you!