Monday, February 13, 2017

My Music Monday

Articles of Clothing is the theme o'the month.

Since you rarely get to hear Gang of Four, why not let my blog be a forum for their work?

"I Love a Man in a Uniform" sounds like it should be a song by the Weather Girls, no?  But it's not.

To be clear, this Gang of Four are not Chinese Communist leaders later tried for treason. ....though I'm assuming that is where the band lifted its name.

I love(d) the line: "to have ambition was my ambition"  or "I had to regain my self-respect, so I got into camoflage".   They both just make me smile.

I won't quite say it is a throwaway song, but it won't go down as a classic by many standards. That said, I immediately downloaded it in the heyday of Napster. ....and in my iTunes liberry it still resides.

Today is a two-fer in terms of posts. Don't forget to look for my 12 of 12.

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