Tuesday, February 14, 2017



Who doesn't love a good one?

While yes, the card that Becky sent to the group is funny on the most basic level - I think I'm more amused that Vlad and SCROTUS are dressed like Deiter or from the band Sparks{oh yes, they have a website}.

Of course, Vlad/SCROTUS valentine is just a similar image of Cruz/Dump last July.

Vlad is looking a little pasty; and Dump is looking far too pink - when he's really orange.

Neither here nor there - but it should be continually pointed out that these two are BFFs - Best Fascists Forever !!

....and as make-out pals goes - Putin could do a lot better.

We have zero plans for the "holiday". Well, that's not quite true. We've discussed getting carry-in from a decent place. It doesn't have to be fancy for us. It will just be nice that neither of us has to cook.  ....or clean.

Of course, someone will have to order and pick-up.   .....and it most likely won't be me. I'm the guy who rushes home to take the doggie on his evening hike.

Since I'm drafting this the evening before, there is only a 27% chance any of this will happen - other than the dog walk (that is a 100% certainty).  So I better start thinking of things to cook.

Song by: Fiona Apple


Fearsome Beard said...

Happy Vladentines to you as well.

Erik Rubright said...

If you soak those little chalk hearts long enough, it makes a nice soup...