Thursday, July 31, 2008

There is a Light That Never Goes Out

The post title was almost "Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)" - but I thought maybe Morty would be the only person to get it. And while I'm all for being somewhat obscure, that might have been a stretch.

I'm sure if you axe him nicely, he'll tell you what is what with that.

Yesterday (was it only a day ago?) we drove down to Cape Hatteras and looked at the lighthouse they moved five or six years back. Erosion was threatening it and they opted to move it back about a half mile from shore. No doubt in another 50 years they will need to decide the expense is worth moving it again.

The drive was boring as all get out, but the park was nice enough. And hot enough. They close down the inside of the structure if it gets too hot. It was about 93 degrees in there, but they don't shut it down until it hits 103.

...and can you believe it? No elevator!!!!!!

Here you go - seeing it from a distance (break into Ms. Midler anytime now!)

Here it is closer up. Notice, no shade to hide in while you're waiting to ascend.

268 steps up. 268 steps down. Cold water was required for the heat inside. Below is just a shot of where the candles and kerosene would go - they didn't let us up there. It actually is still lit daily...but now with bulbs and stuff.

....and now, a little eye candy at the lighthouse. I haven't taken my camera to the beach, so there I can only take mental snapshots. Here, I just threw caution to the wind. Just a hot daddy from WV.

Song by: the Smiths


RJ March said...

lol hot daddy.

You are a gem. And we share a hot daddy brain.

rebecca said...

For God's sake, that poor man. Were you at ALL discreet?

Sue said...

I remember the song. Mmm. Hot daddy.

Blobby said...

To answer Rebecca: honey, that is what telephoto lenses are for. I wasn't all up in his face, though it would have been a nice place to be.