Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ocean of Noise

We made it.

It wasn't an awful trip or anything. Long, yes.....but I don't mind the car at all. At least when I can control the music and traffic flow. I didn't get to do either this trip.

The traffic was fine until about a half-hour below Richmond. Then it was s-l-0-w. Around Norfolk, we honestly never made it out of the single digits in terms of miles per hour. It was painful. Probably more for Denton, because I was griping up a storm.

As for the music - well, it's safe to say we have different musical tastes. Denton has come around a lot in the 2 decades we've been together to like much of my music. I can't say I've been as accommodating. You know, my eyebrows more than raise when Teena Marie comes on. And when it's Blackbox and he says jokes, "what's vacation without a little Martha Wash...?" , naturally my response is something like, "ummm....heaven?".

At it turns out, we are not in Kill Devil Hills, but in Nags Head. Not that there is much difference. It's only a mile maker away. It's sun. It's surf. It's shore.

But the place is a dump! This is not at all what the brochure looked like:

Kidding. Kidding. This is actually it. Just like it was pictured. 27 rooms of close to oceanside relaxation. We only have one of the room.

What it is not is gay. It might be gay friendly, as the website described, but we are the only two queers here. I think. There is this one couple (triple?). They seem to be mother, dad and son. But the father/son combo seems like an ad for German NAMBLA. They are a little too close....if you know what I mean.

As g-d is my witness, I walked into the pool area and saw them kissing. But not the way a father and son would or should smooch. I was a little creeped out.

We've been here two days. I don't have LOTS of colour, as I'm wearing SPF 30 and 55. But with a missed spot here and there, I do have a nice burn.

Song by: Arcade Fire


Anonymous said...

Ouchie! You can still pull off that li'l strapless number if you want.

RJ March said...

Laughed when I saw the shack.

Gasped when I saw your naked chest. (Not in a bad way, but in and OUCH way.)