Saturday, July 19, 2008

Cat People (Putting Out Fire with Gasoline)

Maybe I'm not a dog person. I always think I am. I want to be.

We had to hit Petco today - as we were in need of litter and fud. Naturally, Denton was with me. It was Saturday and we had to do our EDL things. That's 'Everyday Living' things. You know - shopping, laundry, stuff.

Normally our Petco doesn't have the cages of cats and dogs for sale, but the Humane Society was there doing adoptions. There were some great brother/sister cat combos and then one cat that had to be 20-25 pounds. So nice. So gentle. So HUGE.

But outside there was a dog. A puppy. A larger puppy, but a puppy nonetheless. Mostly golden retriever, but it looked like he/she had some shepherd in him/her. The pup was on a leash and was with someone from the Society. But as I was about to walk in the store, the dog walked over to me.

I got down and petted him/her. They seemed to like it, and even licked my hand. But then things turned ugly. I heard a noise, but wasn't sure. But it was there......a growl. One that got louder. And then the pup lunged, growling, snarling - teeth all bared.

Ruckiry (not Jon's boss), I had quick reflexes and jumped back a bit. Just out of range of a mad dog on the end of a leash. To paraphrase Buddy Cole, "that could have been nassssty".

All this happened in about 45 seconds. When I turned around, Denton was gone. He missed the entire thing. He was inside already looking for cat treats.

On the way home, I finally told him what transpired. Somehow I got chastised for being "too trusting". ....for both dogs and people.

People? Really? It's like he's never even met me!

Song by: David Bowie

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