Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Some Unholy War

Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it. ....or so the saying goes.

In 2001, Congress gave Shrub and Dick more power than they ever ever ever should have had to go conduct a war (two actually) with little to no oversight and then have the balls to complain about it later - after a few trillion dollars have been spent.

Yet here are seven years later and none the wiser. Possibly less.

The New Yorker is set to report that the two aforementioned assholes are planning to attack Iran before Shrub leaves office in January 2009. I'm not nearly as shocked by that, I mean...tick tick tick....but I am a little put-off that key members of Congress have already signed off on their plan, with funds of $400 Million to help destabilize Iran and move forward with this plan. ...and since it is a democratic led Congress, this doesn't bode well for any of us.

Nancy Pelosi, who has been a failure at Speaker of the House and Harry Ried, Senate Majority Leader are two in the mix. They've completely sold us out - and not 'us', democrats, but 'us' - Americans.

It is no wonder they actually have approval ratings lower than W. LOWER.

So, not only has Bush fucked us for Iraq and Afghanistan - he's going to bone us for another 10 years with something he's not even going to have deal with as he exits DC.

I'm not sure if he is trying to fuck McCain or Obama to take the heat off his own presidency - or maybe he doesn't care. I can't see why he would - he hasn't for the last 7.5 years. Part of me thinks W leaked the story so that the GOP would win back Congress.

Will this NY'er exposure thwart the plan? Probably not - but it will be harder to sell after the fact.

g-d, we are fucked!!!!

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