Monday, June 30, 2008


I got my first text message on my work BlackBerry over the weekend. That makes me sound like an old-fogey, which I'm not. I've texted.

It sounds odd in a way, but for my employment, texting has not been a standard form of communication. So, it wasn't anything I was expecting - let alone on a Saturday.

Here is the message - in its entirety, and without any edits from me:

Hey ill be there @ 430 stevens in jail so im prolly move back to the house i dunno.

Ok - clearly this isn't a work related message. Or, maybe it is not clear to any of you - why should it be? I'm assuming it is a wrong number, as the sender had a Columbus, OH area code and I cannot think of anyone I know of named 'steven' - nor was I expecting anyone in the late afternoon.

I also don't know if it was truly two separate messages: "I'll arrive at 4:30 because Steven's in jail". Or "I'll arrive at 4:30 - oh and by the way, Steven's in jail".

And is it because Steven is now incarcerated that the sender will be moving back into the house? Is it safe now to go home?

I considered replying back that the sender prolly sent this to the wrong person, but I then opted not to get involved into their drama, or to delay a 4:30 arrival time.

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RJ March said...

I prefer "probly" because it sounds more better.