Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Radio Radio

I'm just taking a chance to plug Rebecca and her book. Again.

I am a frickin' one-man marketing machine - because I believe in her and her work.

I do!! (say that like Linda Evans in her commercial about some shoe she used shill for).

Becca has been in town these last few days to promote Nice to Come Home To. She did a reading last night in Akron and will be doing one tonite in Cleveland. Unfortunately, I didn't make it down to Summit County, but I will be hitting Joesph Beth to see her read.

Since I knew she was coming to town, I contacted our local NPR station to see if they wanted to interview her. We exchanged a few emails and I finally got them in touch with her publicist, and the rest is history. Recent history, mind you, but still.....

Yesterday, Becky was on our local show, Around Noon. It was a nice piece and you can listen to it here. You have to listen to the audio part. The video part was only for the second guest! The nerve!!!! Becky wasn't sure she did a good job, but as usual she did just fine. Better than fine.

After the show, I did meet Rebecca and her parents for lunch. It was great. But I love her parents to death, so how could it not go well?

During lunch, Eileen (her mother), told me about a piece the Akron Beacon Journal had done on the book. And you can read that here.

Hopefully the reading will be fun and something to blog about tomorrow. At least pictures. If the blog editing machine isn't being temperamental and not allowing me to upload. After the reading, Denton and I are taking her to dinner....before she flees town.

So that's that. I think my work is done here for the day.

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Kris said...

I probably already commented on this, but if so I'll say it again -- this is a lovely book that I really enjoyed reading. Smart, funny, well-written. Loved it!

Come to Cincy, Rebecca!