Friday, June 20, 2008

Devil with the Green Eyes

I kind of know better than to even post this - but apparently, if I can write about my lack of deodorant habits, I can talk about my singing habits.

It would be no shock to anyone here that I enjoy music. You read about the monthly records I select to feature here. You sometimes hear about the concerts I have attended. And you get some iPod updates now and again.

And I use said iPod a lot - especially when I travel. It makes the airport stays, the plane rides and the hotel room (unless they have an iPod dock - which many now do) much more palatable.

....the Metro too. Which is really where I was going with this post in the first place.

I like to sing - though I have no idea if I'm any good at it. Apparently, for the most part, I don't care. I do it around the house. I do it in the car too - usually when alone. And I'm not completely ashamed to kind of, sort of, sing when walking down the street with the iPod on. I mean - not in all out, full voice....and not with anyone really really around. Hell, half the people on the street have headphones on anyway.

But yesterday on the Metro, I was the only person in my car. That has never happened. And I mean for like 15 minutes. No one.

Naturally, I already had my earbuds in before I ever got to the Metro stop. So, I had a nice performing hall all to myself. No need to hold back - if I didn't want to. I thought about it - and then thought, 'what the hell'.

Not until now (while writing this) did I think of "sing out, Louise!" - I'm clever for sure, but not that clever - or queeny (shut up, each and every one of you!). Honestly, I don't know which songs came up in the shuffle rotation, except for the title of this post.

But sing out I did. There was no one around, and the rumble of the train on the tracks at 40 miles per hour made my voice sound better than I'm sure it is.

Then someone at Friendship Heights got on the train. I guess I could have kept up with my performance, but I am not quite that psychotic mass transportation rider..............yet.

Song by: Matthew Sweet

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RJ March said...

Hmmm. Yesterday, while walking the dog, I sang AND danced. Which will probably earn me some street cred-- as in "He's fucking crazy"--in this neighborhood.

(The fame thing? I operate on the "Potential has a shelf-life" philosophy. Sometimes I feel like yogurt...)