Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Working on a Building

We are slowly, but surely, making a little progress on our master bathroom renovation.

Now now....don't get all excited on me. We're haven't started demo or anything. With our work schedules and travel schedules, we haven't even regrouped with the architect, as I insisted on a second quote from another contractor. The reality is, I'll probably want three.

Denton really likes our architect since he works on historic houses (like ours), but I'm not wedded to this guy nor to the notion that the bathroom has to be in line with the style of the house. It's a place to do my personal business and wash my twig and berries. And floss. Not necessarily in that order.

So what progress have we made, you ask?

Floor tile - picked out!
Cabinetry - picked out!
Counter tops - narrowed down!

Hey - two out of three ain't bad. I mean - we haven't even gone down the fixtures road yet. First things first.

For those of you who are unaware, our last bathroom renovation - which we did almost completely by ourselves - could have ended in mandatory jail time our relationship. And that was just over the picking out of tile.

I've come a long way, baby. I let more stuff roll off my back and again, it's just a place to shave and drop the kids off at the pool. Not necessarily in that order.

The cabinetry thing was odd. We walked into the store last Saturday and though it wasn't the first thing we saw, it was one of the first things. We both just knew it. That was it. 10 minutes. Boom. Done.

The guy who helped us was great. And a true salesmen - in the fact that two guys coming in together didn't phase him one bit. I still just assume the straight male (if he is one), still cringes on the inside at the thought of two guys. Sometimes that inside cringe manifests itself on the outside.

But he was great and we're happy to give him the business.

Yes, I'm aware many gays in the home improvement / design business frequent these places, but that doesn't always change one's fews of gay men together. I wish I could link to you the Plain Dealer's 'Question of the Day' about Gay Marriage (the link is not working). The responses were nauseating. Only one was funny - saying, they'd be for it, right after we could get gambling legalized in Ohio.

So back to decorating! Here are some slabs of (cary) granite we saw last Saturday (as always, click on image to enlarge them).

We're not really interested in this. Denton pointed out if they had called it Ebony Granite, I never would have even given it a first look, let alone a second.

It's not like I'm a leather nut. Though I still have a leather scented candle that Morty gave me about 15 years ago. It smelled great then - and it still does. I've never lit it even. Now that I think of it, I am not quite sure why he gifted it to me in the first place. Even putting that in print here might get a comment that I don't want others to see - but I'll take my chances.

We're not really interested in this either. It looks a lot like Jupiter, don't you think? It was more the name - and it made both of us immediately think of Rebecca and her malaprop:
'a little calypso will get that out!'.

We do expect to start this oft delayed project this summer.

I just don't know what to do with the cats when this work is going on. Bother!

Song by: the Cowboy Junkies


RJ March said...

So like me (and you, I suspect): Absolute Black Leather sounded to me like an Asian-made porn film about Black Men in Harnesses, althoug imagine the trouble with pronouncing the word "harnesses."

We here agreed on paint color within a few minutes. And you know me and my strong decorating opinions. Maybe it's a symptom of getting older, this acquiescence.

Anonymous said...

I kinda' like the Jupiter one.

Get the Kohler hatbox toilet:

Blobby said...

Oh g-d no. No no no. Way too mod-ern for me.