Monday, June 09, 2008

Bread & Circuses

On Saturday we went back out for some tile, fixture and other stuff to get our quote for the master bath to be a bit more accurate or to see where we needed to do some cost savings.

But as always, I got shopping fatigue (it doesn't take much) and got hungry (it doesn't take much), so we had to stop for lunch. There was a Panera near by and it is really hard to fuck that food up, so we went.

Before we left, Denton wanted a scone so he could have it for breakfast the next day. But since we were going to my parents on Sunday for dinner, we also picked up two loaves of bread (for my mother) and two cinnamon rolls (for my father). Then I overhear the person ringing him up say, "will this be for here or to go?" - which I just found amusing as hell and broke out into a grin.

Denton did to0 - not only for this instance, but for one Tom Green told us about eons ago, which I'm beginning to think is just urban legend, but is still funny:

A woman goes into KFC by herself and orders two full buckets of chicken with all the fixins (is that spelled correctly?). The cashier rings her up and asks, "will this be for here or to go?", to which the customer barks "does it look I can eat all this by myself????"

But it was the cashier's response that was priceless: "girl, I do not know your life".

Song by: Billy Bragg & Natalie Merchant

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