Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Second Hand News

So I somehow found a link to my blog from another site. For non-bloggers, you should know this happens now and again and you usually stumble over it. Normally it is just another blog site, but this one seemed a little different.

I had heard from Large Tony that a while back that he got mentioned in an article in his local paper about this blog (that must be SOME racy local paper, if you axe me).

Well my link was also from our local paper. The on-line edition only - it wasn't put into the real paper. And our on-line site is so fucked up, it is not even funny. If you can navigate to find the front page, more power to you. So if too many people found my link, they must be bored to tears to be on that site (the PD, not mine) or some kind of social archaeologist.

I suppose the lead up to the actual blog entry is something someone might get offended at on some level. I'm not just anyone. I'm a big boy, I can take it. However, like most media and how they deal with the "stars", they only take a portion of what I wrote and things now look a bit out of context.

You can click here for it and then read the fourth entry from the top. You'll see it. You're smart folk.

For the record, Denton was mortified x 2. Once that I wrote about it in the first place. Second that it got picked up by the paper.

Me? Any press is good press - right? RIGHT?

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Anonymous said...

after 5 years of writing, all they can say about you is you're the dude without deodorant? Feh!