Thursday, June 12, 2008

Talkin' Baseball

Went to our first Indians game of the season last night. It was a beautiful night and some great seats - right behind first base, about 15 rows back.

I should have known not to go, since anytime I do go, we lose. And since we've been playing so iffy anyway, but on a two-game winning streak, I should have reconsidered going.

It started bad. Real bad. First, my doppleganger was on the DL. That's the Disabled List, not the Down Low. Though I'd be really really ok if he were on that.

And then by the second inning we were losing 6-1. The Twins had six hits and six runs! We had six hits and one run. Pathetic.

But Casey Blake got a homer with two folks on base, so we came much closer to winning.

Alas in the 9th, they pulled ahead and stayed there: 8-5. being me, couldn't help but think of Buddy Cole and his Sappho Sluggers, during most of the game. Yes, I'm that gay. So for most of you out there who read this and could care less about America's pastime, even I think you can enjoy this:

Song by: Terry Cashman

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