Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Readin', Rightin', Rt 23

Ms. Flowers read again from her novel a week ago at Joseph-Beth. Yes, I'm just getting to posting about it now, but the way I see it is that if anyone here missed my first 4 dozen posting on her book, they'll catch it now and will slowly build and stagger the book sales.

....well, it sounded plausible in my head.

Naturally we attended the festivities. It was a dark and windy night. Ok....it was light, but wet. Lots and lots of rain making it a laborious drive for almost any event - but of course, we'd do it for friends.

The crowd may have been a bit smaller then when we were in DC, but the group had better questions when we finally got to the Q&A session.

Though I have heard Becky read from her novel before, I just kind of reflected on not how only writes a book, but so easily reads it aloud to a group of people. That too is kind of an art. It's not quite public speaking and it's not reciting lines of anything per se. We all have our styles of how a character says their lines when we read by ourselves, so that anyone can pull it off with style is a good thing. ...and she did.

Even though I got to spend time with her parents the day before, it was always good to see them again. Some of her other family attended as well - nieces, nephews, brother and sister-in- law.

If nothing else, I would always go to a setting with her sister-in-law.

Ok that is a blatant lie.

Let me rephrase: when it is a limited time frame, a somewhat controlled atmosphere and multiple distractions - I can spend some time with her sister-in-law.

Let's put it this way - someone at the Q&A asked if any character in the book was based on her sis-in-law. Becky's response was: 'who would believe a character like that? People would think a character like that would be totally made up - IF anyone could make it up'.

I enjoy her (kind of....sort of...) because I can torture her with out any real repercussions, since any dig I get in won't be realized for about 3 full days....if at all. Yet I still get the satisfaction out of it and everyone else around smiles knowingly in real time.

I purchased yet a fifth copy of the book - this time for my mother, since the weather kept her from getting to the reading. But I also picked up David Sedaris' new one too.....so far, so fair.

Song by: Dwight Yoakam

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RJ March said...

I used to get Sedaris, but ever since Me Talk Pretty, I haven't been much of a fan. I suspect he'd be more fun to talk to face-to-face.

Read some reviews for Ms. Flowers' book. Looks good.