Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ride the Ride

On a pseudo-whim, we went to Cedar Point on Sunday. It is kind of the reason for my pseudo-post yesterday. I was just too lazy to write anything about anything.

CP is the roller coaster capital of the world. All those tv documentary stories on amusement parks say so. It must be true.

One of my many nieces is in town, so it was Denton's idea to get a group of the in-town kids to go too. It was our treat. Kind of. When we arrived, we found a number of corporate employee appreciation days going on. Some guy gave us three free passes he couldn't use. His company only had to pay $22 instead of the normal $43 (!!!!) admission price. Denton was smart and went to the ticket counter and said he needed four more - and they sold them to him at the $22 price!!! SCORE!

For all this talk of people doing 'staycations' (g-d, I hate that word!), the park was packed. No one stayed home! The major rides (Millennium Force, Maverick and Raptor) had 90 minute+ waits. That was hard to justify when you had four kids under 11 years old with you....and two of them weren't even tall enough to get on the adult rides.

So for the most part we kept to the kiddie park. It was fun for the kids, laborious for me. My 9 year old niece went with me on a number of the coasters. She is absolutely fearless. We did the Gemini, Corkscrew and Blue Streak (which is almost as old as I am!! .....and just as rickety).

I've been on all the coasters except Maverick and was looking forward to it, but I think we'll go back sometime with no kids.

There are a few rides I just won't do. Like this one

Nothing says 'vomit' like 70 or so of your not-so-close friends swinging back and forth and spinning. No good can come from this. I don't do spinny rides.

Or the Top Thrill Dragster. 2+ hours for a 48 second ride. Besides the up and over thing just doesn't seem fun to me.

Back in those days, they played Chicago, the Carpenters and America over the PA system. They still do. Clearly the royalty laws still favour middle of the road FM delights.

I remember when my parents would take us to the Point each summer. I wasn't the only kid with Dippity-Do'd hair. Lots of kids today have product today - but all in the form of faux hawks. It's like they all stepped out of their double-wide, got their tattoo and were allowed admission to the park. And they're five.

Was that too judgment-y?

Song by: the Bangles

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