Thursday, July 24, 2008

Like a Prayer

I know it's been a few days with no posting. Work things, ya know. More on that later, I guess.

I was back in DC and while it's a happening town, with all the political protests and some gathering for special causes and interests, oddly enough you just don't see things what I would consider out of the ordinary. Mind you - maybe I'm not the benchmark for what is normal, but even I know a freak show when I see it.

Like this.

Oddly enough I didn't have my camera camera on me, so I had to settle to use my crappy cellphone one. I should have just walked up to them and snapped away, but I didn't. I mean it's not like they were going to chase me down - they were media whores.

Let me set up what they were doing. Praying. With megaphones.

Yes, some group or other was conducting an entire novina to protest the showing of Jerry Springer - the Opera at Studio in the gayest part of DC.

And while yes, it is a gay-hood, there are mega numbers of straight people there. And since it is DC, very multi-ethnic as well. With that big of a cross-section, I saw no one who didn't stop and just shake their head like these boys (I do believe they were all male. Priests, perhaps? Seminary students? Pedophiles? All of the Above?).

Except for the two dozen or so participants, everyone else thought they were nuts.

I don't know anything about the show, except it combines two of my least favourite things: Opera (sorry Jon M, sorry Ade) and Jerry Springer. Wouldn't attending this be like going to hell? If you can read their very expensive protest signs (really - where do they come up with funding to make these?), apparently the show makes reference to the virgin mary and her body. Again - I don't care enough to care.

But it was fun to watch. Probably more so than the opera.

Song by: John Wesley Harding (ha! I bet you thought I'd say Madonna)

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