Friday, July 11, 2008

Site of the Month

Yes - it's that time of month. When I've worked a full week and gone two solid weeks of blogging and didn't really pace myself, so I have nothing really to post.

But there is a reason I sub-titled this thing 'Stuff & Nonsense'.

Yes, this beats the Star Wars geeky Wookiepedia which I think I featured about a year ago. ...perhaps less.

Dickipedia isn't about the actual penis at all - so you can all breathe a sigh of relief.....or grumble in private, depending on your view of what you hoped/thought it was. It is a suitable for work site.

The list of Dicks is a a good one. Not are all written as funny as they could be: see Jimmy Fallon - though the last line is good. But for every Fallon or Kobe, there is an Ann Coulter or George Lucas.

It's an ok time killer - and no less (or more) funny than David Sedaris' last book. Unfortunately.


Kris said...

I'm so tired of Sedaris recycling his essays -- I own every book, and every book (after the first couple) contains three or four essays from old books. Annoying!

RJ March said...

Stop buying his books and read my pithy (pissy) blog instead. He was funny when he first started out. It must be hard to keep up being funny at that level, so autobiographically. He has to go out of his way, it seems, to create experiences that will at least be "real" enough to write about and for the NYer fact-checkers to allow for print. I think he should just write a comic novel. With Augusten Burroughs.

But who am I?