Wednesday, July 09, 2008

I Just Wanna Live

I can't help feel I've posted something like this before, but damn if I'm gonna look through almost 1200 posts to see. I do have a life - as hard as that might be to fathom.

Someone at work provided me this Health Risk Assessment. I cannot confirm or deny its accuracy, but folks in my field think it is a pretty good indicator of you and your "lifestyle".

Yeah - that there up above is me after taking the test. I shaved almost 10 years off my life - virtually. Unfortunately, I'm scheduled to live almost another 40.

There are usual questions on alcohol, smoking and eating, but some others like parent's age, history of coronary artery disease and stature (stocky or stocky and bald) are included. For the record, I put down "average". They don't seem to cover some other things you think they might - but they're the experts.........I guess.

How accurate this is can only be as good as how honest you are at answering the questions. I think I did ok.

14700 days left to live. Shoot me now!

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RJ March said...

yeah, I just did mine-- 31.4. I'll be almost 90 when I die, though I really doubt that. I was even honest about the alcohol, going for the highest amount. That, we've decided here in this house, is what'll be our ends.