Monday, July 21, 2008


We are finally going on vacation.

Yes, we've taken 2-3 day trips to Vegas (work), DC (work), NYC (Madonna - which was kind of like work). However, an honest to g-d full-ish week vacation has not been had since October 2005!!!

As always, we come late to planning anything. Whereas Morty will plan his vacations for a year - like a good fag would - we will take a few hours, sometimes only week or two before we actually leave for our destination. ....just like this time.

I think a week or so ago we had narrowed it down to the Outer Banks or Quebec. Yes, I know they are two very different places - neither of which we have been to. Well, that's not true. Denton has been to OBX with his family, but that's been about three decades ago. Me? I've been to the Charlotte airport....once.

But as I've mentioned, work has gotten the best of me these last few weeks and where I would have loved Quebec, it seemed like it would be a place to tour and do things. It seemed like a lot of activity. It seemed like work.

We opted for OBX so we could get a chance to decompress. Do nothing, as it were. Beach. Read. Sleep. Pool. Drink. Eat. Possibly not in that order.

The place (pictured above), is gay or gay friendly. I don't have to have it be overrun by all queers, but it is nice to be with some of your cohort. There is b'fast daily and and more importantly, a 2.5 hour cocktail time.

As sad as it sounds, we went out and bought new swim trunks over the weekend. That's not the sad part. That would be, it was because we haven't bought (or had to) new ones for over 10 years. We picked up some shirts and shorts too.

Now if Cristobal would just move out to sea, we'd be golden.

I'm in DC almost all week for work. I get back and we leave the next day. Even though the first week is work, it will be two glorious weeks away from the one day.

If all works out, we get to see Jon, Tommy and their two doggies (who hopefully won't lunge for my face!) on the way back home!!

Song by: Big Pig


Anonymous said...

Yay - how exciting! Stop by my old co-worker's dog paraphernalia store: The Outer Barks. It's just a few miiles north in Duck.

And I LOVE that old Big Pig song!

RJ March said...

That place looks lovely. I've never been to OBX either and always thought the decal with those three letters was supposed to mean the driver of the car it was attached to thought himself Obnoxious.