Sunday, July 13, 2008

Living in a Box

Chef Bob and Nurse Matt are grandparents for a 2nd time. Or is it the 5th time?

One of their dogs, Jake, had her second litter of puppies less than two weeks ago. The first litter had two puppies. This one had three. Don't get hung up on the mom's name. Clearly she has gender issues, brought on upon her by her dads.

The puppies are cute - as you might imagine. Golden Labs. Right now they kind of are a cross of Sharpeis and hamsters/gerbils. When I visited a few days ago, their eyes weren't even open.

Jake had two boys and one girl - now known as Peter, Paul & Mary. Temporarily, I hope. I'm all for a good folk trio, but this might be a bit much.

Bob is trying to talk me into getting one. Of course, I want one. The girl. I'm all about the girls. Denton says if I can find a way to make it work with our schedules, I can get her. He knows deep down that I can't get it to work - so he doesn't have to be the bad guy by saying 'no'.

Meredity is worried that I'm not a good dog parent because I don't believe in obedience. That's a lie. I just like dogs to be dogs. If that means jumping and licking and rolling around with them, then yes, I'm not a good parent. (though the dogs LOVE me for it!)

In reality, a golden lab is probably too big for our first dog. And I'm really ok with a mutt from the shelter. But we still have to work on our schedule thing.

Here are pics of the pups, who are indeed, living in a box. They were crawling on their bellies more than they were walking. And they have the cutest noises coming out of them.

you can see Jake here, tending to her children

this is Mary. isn't she adorable??

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