Saturday, July 05, 2008

Pocket of a Clown

I went out a few nights ago with an old co-worker for a few rounds. Well, she's not an old co-worker. She is older than I am, but I wouldn't call her "old". Let's just say she is a former co-worker.

We meet every few months and usually head to a wine bar and knock back a few sniff, sip and swallow. Yes, I'm still talking about vino!

I wish I had gotten the name of the bottle we had, but I didn't. It was a great red - a blend. We talked a little about the old place of employ (well, mine - she still works there). We talked about Denton and my ring.......which meant I had not seen her since we got those last October.

We chatted about travel, her kids, my cats and various other things.

...and lord knows how we got on the subject, but we touched on clowns. Oh wait, I remember. It was about my trip to Vegas....then it went into Cirque du Soleil....which led to the real circus...which led to clowns....and how nobody truly likes them (speak now or forever hold your peace if you do).

My anti-clown feelings were solidified with Poltergeist. ...and time and time again, I've heard that was a tipping point for many grease-painted, red-nosed, wig-wearing, horn-tooting haters.

Then Kathy said - 'try going a week without a clown reference coming up'. Kath said at least once every week something about a clown comes up - and it has for years. I told her I would keep an eye out for this trend.

Not 48 hrs later - I get this!

Poor Bozo!

I already sent Kathy and email damning her to hell for putting me on this path. I'll keep you all posted on if this goes on weekly. I expect you will all to do the same to me.

Song by: Dwight Yoakam

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RJ March said...

Funny, as soon as you mentioned clowns I was thinking I'd heard soemthin about poor Bozo. Turns out it wasn't some vodka-inspired dream.