Monday, July 07, 2008

Computer Blue

We topped off (or at least finished-off) the holiday weekend with a showing of Wall-E, Pixar's lastest release.

I think it's official, we've seen every Pixar movie on opening week. I can only say, I haven't cared for one of them (Finding Nemo) and downright didn't like one (Monsters Inc. ...or as I call it, Monster's Ball, Inc.).

It think it is also safe to say that Pixar is the only studio that can make you like a rat (Ratatouille) and feel really bad for a cockroach (Wall-E).

I won't blow too much about the flick. But in a bold move, there is little dialogue in the first place and none in the first 30 minutes. And it is the first time in the studio history that they use human talent that doesn't come in the manner of voice.

Denton loved the movie because for the first two-thirds, it was almost poetic and very out of character for any big screen animation movie. He was a bit disappointed it had to eventually do the standard route of all summer movies.

I thought Wall-E himself (itself?) was great. I think Eve phoned it in.

...and yeah, Wall-E reminds me something of that robot from Short Circuit, but that was more of an Ally Sheedy vehicle, though the robot had more range. ...she was so much better in Maid to Order, don't you think?

The movie does have a message. A not so subtle one, but one unfortunately that mostly likely went over the head of the lady across the aisle from me with her biggie-sized drink, which she spilled all over the floor near the end of the movie. Yes, this entire last sentence ties directly in with the movie message.

As always, one of the best things about a Pixar movie: the Pixar short before the movie. It was possibly the best one I have seen. Not as technically ground-breaking as some, but very cute and very very funny.

Oh - and outside the theater was the Batmobile. Not the Adam West one (which I thought was soooooooooo cool when I was a kid), but the Christian Bale one. Unfortunately, there was no Mr. Bale posing outside of the vehicle. ....a damned shame. (as always, click on images to make enbiggen them - it's a perfectly cromulent word!)

The Dark Knight opens in two weeks (?). It should be good. I like Heath Ledger and all, but seriously - Bale is hot. ....and don't even get me started on Michael 'send me the script, I'll do it) Caine!

Song by: Prince & the Revolution

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RJ March said...

Wall-e reminds me off Wallmart, and I don't think that's a mistaken impulse.

You guys are good movie-goers.

The Bat car looks like something Nike pushes.