Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Not only does Cleveland has a world renowned orchestra, but it also has an equal counterpart in the art department.

The Cleveland Museum of Art is one of the premier places to pictures and stuff. It has also been undergoing a major renovation and will continue for another four years.

But a section was opened this last week - 19 galleries to be specific. We walked down and looked around. It was the first time we walked in the front. Normally (as in Always) we come in through the North Gallery, which is a newer ickier building.

So I hate to say it, I've never seen Rodin's "The Thinker". I mean - I have seen it, but not in Cleveland. When we were in San Jose back in the day, there was a Rodin exhibit at Stanford (or was it an entire garden?). There was also a "copy" of it at the Toledo Museum of Art.

It got me thinking (ha! get it?) - how many of these things are out there? According to Wikipedia, there are something like 28 of them worldwide. It hardly seems special that we have one. Or that anyone has one.

Ours has the distinction of being damaged - like many Clevelanders. It was damaged back in 1970 by vandals. They never repaired it. Someone in the Netherlands also vandalized their version.

It's still pretty impressive even for a cast. The original is in Paris.

Inside were some impressive things - Egyptian art, German stuff - and lots and lots of French frilly stuff that doesn't hold my interest. I did like the swords and bodies of armour though.

Loved the cod-piece on this guy. But he was the only one of the bunch who was protected, you know.... "down there".

Who'd a thunk?

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