Friday, August 01, 2008

Sand & Water

....ok, maybe no water. There is - just over a ridge there. It is the Sound - but I didn't get it in these pictures. I did get pictures of it, but they have Denton and myself in it.

I told Denton a day or so ago, I'm likening him to a sitcom housewife that is discussed but never seen. Norm on 'Cheers' comes to mind - as does Maris on 'Fraiser'. Though with the latter, everyone assume Niles was gay and his wife was just a figment.

He is real, but this is my blog and I wouldn't dare put upon him to include him in anything but names and anecdotes.

Yesterday morning, we climbed some huge-ass sand dune. I know it has a name, but it escapes me. And while the majority of folks go in the evening to see the sun set, it is g-d awful hot at that time. The night before it was 97 degrees, up there it was well over 110. And the sand is 30 degrees hotter that time of day.

No my friends, we climbed it at 7:30a. Shoes off. Too hard to climb in sandals.

It was pretty. There were a few hangliders - and I think at another time that would be something very fun to do. It is also the place to fly kites, as the winds up there are pretty strong. But when it comes to kites, I'm more of a Charlie Brown.

I should have taken more pictures or stayed longer. But it was early. We had had no breakfast and good g-d almighty, he hadn't had any coffee!!

Song by: Beth Neilsen Chapman


rebecca said...

Um, I think you're thinking of Norm's wife, Vera.

RJ March said...

It's so lovely, devoid of people.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, you guys have already done pretty much everything there is to do except hit the Wachese Seafood Industrial Park!

Maybe tomorrow??