Thursday, August 07, 2008

Shopping with Becca

Becky let me guest blog a few months ago. She gets the same option here - though admittedly it is a lot more low brow than me guesting on her site.

She has provided me a few Sites of the Month material but yesterday she gave me two (count 'em, two!) Shopping with Blobby entries. As much as I'd like to use them as my own, I tried to get her to do a monthly Shopping with Becca section. She wouldn't.

So here she gets all the credit. At least for the pictures.

So many things are funny with this one. Let's start off that his name is Beaver Felton.

I was at work dying!!!!

There are five of us, for years, who have maintained a list of names we come across that are funny, weird, or both (Peter Cheese, anyone? anyone?). I'm not sure Beaver makes the list, I'll leave it up to the others. My first reaction was 'yes', but now, I'm thinking not.

I love the title: Basic Bassics. And Beaver is the best bass guitarist (arguably) today. Tomorrow is another story completely.

My initial reaction was "Take a Wipe on the Wild Side".

Oh c'mon - you all know I'm perpetually 12.

For the life of us, neither Becky or I could come up with anything to parody "Femme Fatale" or "Sweet Jane".

I might have to do Shopping with Special Guests, if people want to submit things to me. ....and I find them funny, of course.

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rebecca said...

To say nothing of the Beav's uncanny resemblance to Nigel Tufnel!!!!