Saturday, August 30, 2008

We Gotta Get You a Woman

Sarah Palin. Who?

Seriously, this is the choice? Their choice?

Don't get me wrong, I'll take her over Tom Ridge or Mitt Romney. Huckabee wasn't really a consideration, since he took a seven figure position at Fox "News". ...but not only an unknown, but an inexperienced unknown?

I know the initial thought of everyone was: 'oh he's going after the disenfranchised female vote now that Hillary is out.' And no doubt he is. But McCain is being a bit short-sighted.

As I pointed out to our email group today there are serious flaws in this thought-process:
  • Women are smarter than men, so they can see through that kind of crap
  • Women liked Hillary not only because of name recognition, but because she been done wronged by her man, survived and thrived in spite of it and was good at what she does
  • Women will eat an unknown alive. You've seen 'Mean Girls'. You know how they treat each other
I'm all for a woman President or VP. Just not one who was a mayor of a town that had 6,000 residents. Not one who has been a governor for only 2 years (not even 2 years - the media is rounding up! - damn liberal media!!!!!). Not one who has zero foreign policy or national policy experience. This seems to be only because she is a woman. And that kind of demeans the ones are more qualified.

Let's face it - if president, McCain could drop dead day one, or at least before the end of his first term. Is Sarah the one we want to be in charge going forward from there? Would she be the one to finally help us achieve victory in Iraq?? I mean - granted, those "advisers" would run the country - just like they have been for the last eight years, so maybe she'd just be the face on some new currency.

Yes yes - I know what the naysayers would say: Bill Clinton was only a governor. But he was one for eight years. Not 1.8. But he had a little more background in politics than being Miss Congeniality in the Miss Wasilla Contest. Chances are Bill boinked a Miss Wasilla though.

Like most politicians, she is a contradiction in beliefs. Most of her male counterparts are pro-life, but pro-death penalty. I just don't get that one. Sarah is pro-ANWR drilling, but has serious concerns about global warming. She's ok with raping her home state, if it gets them revenue I guess. Polar bears, be damned.

Bringing Palin on-board should do at least one thing though: it has to shut McCain up about Obama not being experienced enough. I'm not sure he's got a leg to stand on with that one.

It will be an interesting race, no doubt. Not one I want to be subject to, but living in Ohio there is little chance of avoiding this. I have friends in Massachusetts who nary see a political ad. We've been having them here for months - and they are only about to get worse...........and more frequent.

But I shouldn't whine about it too much - it makes me sound like a girl!

Song by: Todd Rundgren


rebecca said...

Where did you get this picture? Is it her? She's a babe, I have to say. Not here, but you know, for a mom.

Blobby said...

Yes, she's a VPILF.

....right after Spiro Agnew.