Sunday, August 17, 2008

Eat the Music

I don't want to "iPhone" you people to death, but there are some really neat things about this little device. Clearly I'm still learning about this thing, as I will be over the next few weeks or months.

On the main screen, there are a number pre-set programs that come with the phone. One of those is an Application Store. Which means lots and lots programs you can install on your device. Some are free, some cost $$$$. Many are useless. I mean I stopped counting at 10, the number of Magic 8 Ball ones that are available.

Will I purchase it? Signs Point to Yes. My Sources Say No.

Some others are the flame of a lighter, that you can hold up in concerts for encores.

Seriously? This is what programmers do with their time and try to charge even $0.99 for it? Or the mug of beer that is full, but if you tip your phone like you're drinking it, it disappears. Funny......................ONCE! ...if that.

Naturally there are games, news services, infotainment areas and the likes. Even a program that tracks where you've been and how you got to your end point. I guess it's like GPS tracking. Orwellian, but cool nonetheless.

That being said, there are some cool things on there too - none so far I've been willing to pay for , but some are no charge. But since I am a music weirdo, I am trying out some out - for free. DUH!

Shazam - hold your iPhone up to music that you don't know (or even that you do) and it will bring back the song title and artist. Handy for those television shows/movies where they play music you like but don't credit it. Or the radio stations who wait 12 songs to reveal their play list, if they actually do. I have tried it on 5 songs and only one did it not recognize (Annabella's "Fever").

It will also link it to a YouTube video if it can. More 1984 for you.

Midomi - which bills itself as the "ultimate music search". Lofty

But you can sing or hum a tune into your iPhone and it will bring back the song and as many possible versions it knows. Denton did it with 'Moon River'. This will be perfect with Morty trying to figure out if the song is "Shout" or "Close to the Edit". Oh - maybe the device isn't that advanced.

It also does a music/artist search with a vast playlist that you can at least sample. I've tried lesser known artists and it has them in there. Not too shabby.

I promise to keep these posts to a minimum.......but I guess that's all relative.

Song by: Kate Bush

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