Friday, August 29, 2008

Talk Talk

It seems all I've been doing for the last few weeks is trying to eke out interviews between my regularly scheduled job. And I'm sure it is affecting my job. You know - the one that actually pays me every two weeks for supposedly showing up and producing some kind of results.

Yesterday was no different though - one more and possibly final set of interviews for this so called change in my career path. Fingers crossed, that is.

It has been fortuitous that my current boss has been on the road this week, which means, I didn't have to finagle being out of the office too much with folks noticing. I got to interview without the added stress of sneaking out. Not that it mattered much yesterday.

After I finally got to work, it was close to lunch time. And I'm a man with food needs. I'm not Morty in this respect, but I still have to eat. So, work for an hour, get food.

As I'm stepping off the elevator, literally, the power goes out. Phew - dodged a bullet there, though I had a Subway 6"er with me, so I think I would have survived had I been stuck in the Otis contraption. But that minimal outage was enough to knock out our phones and any computer connectivity. Not that I left right away. I stuck around for two hours in hopes it would come back to life. No such luck - so I boogied on out of there and spent some quality time with the kitties......and Ina Garten.

Oh yeah - the interview. I think it went well. I also think I'm losing perspective on how I think these things actually go. Right now I am pretty confident, but I might be fooling myself too. Right now, I know of no timeline they are working under to get these positions filled.

The one today was the one I really want. I like the medical director and there are some projects over the next three years that are horribly exciting for a dork like me. The director was also impressed and a bit freaked out that I not only remember talking to him six years ago, but where we were and what subjects we discussed.

It is a blessing and a curse - but hopefully he won't think of me as stalkerish, but someone with a great head for detail and recall. These things come in handy for business. Denton will tell you they are annoying for when we have an argument and I can throw stuff back in his face.

Potato. Potatoe.

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