Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ready to Run

I wish I could get jazzed by the Democratic Convention - but I can't. I'm not.

I know I have a heart of stone, but I do not get people crying over Ted Kennedy. His speech was boring - and part of it lifted from his more successful brother. C'mon, it's been 48 years since the 'torch has been passed' oration - only Mayor Quimby has done it better. Get some new lines, Ted.

....and the intro!! Could they only find his new(er) wife and John Kerry to talk about him? The third longest ever sitting senator in history, and those were the only two they could find?

I totally missed Hillary. I suppose her speech could have been good, but that's how disinterested I am in this entire election cycle at this point in time. For g-d's sakes, Obama announced his running mate TWENTY MONTHS after announcing his campaign!!!!! 20!!!!!

I'm so over it at this point.

Our little email group was chatting about this for part of the day. No one, except maybe Becky, is what we would call behind Obama. He's ok and all - but just ok. We'll all vote for him, because what other choice do we really have? I do fear my vote won't be for him, but a vote against McCain.

Just like Kerry in 2004. Oy.

While chatting with Becca later, she reminded me of something I saw on 30 Rock.

Song by: the Dixie Chicks

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