Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sixteen Days

Seriously? How often can you use a picture like this? Well, I suppose once per year.

We saw this on the way to Cape Hatteras and I made Denton pull over so I could snap a pic of it. I did it mostly for my friend Doug, whose birthday is today. I sent this image to him in a separate email, as I don't think he ever reads this blog. Fucker.

Doug is a twin. When I want to really really get this goat, I ask him how his brother is. His identical straight brother. Well I guess they can't be identical if Doug likes man-on-man action. But to really bother him, I ask how his younger brother is. Not his twin, just another, much younger brother. I've never actually met any of his family. It's just so easy to push his buttons.

And so much fun.

Song by: Lori Carson

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RJ March said...

I can't tell you how lovely I find that picture with its flatness in the distance which says to me, "Ocean."