Thursday, August 14, 2008


Another birthday come and gone. No biggie, right? Right.

I got some nice calls. Some good emails. A few cards. Even some folks at work seemed to know about the day - and clearly passed the word around. That last part didn't go down well with me. Do I really want some guy from IT I barely know coming up to me and wishing me a 'happy birthday'? I don't think so.

I begrudgingly let a few of them take me out to lunch. It was a good salad and I got a piece of cake out of it, so it wasn't all bad. But I really don't like making a big deal about the day - I think I've said that here every year I've had this blog. I mean, I'm ok to do stuff with Denton, but I'm a low key guy when it comes to having attention brought to me that way. Yes - even for a Leo.

I mean - I want attention, but only when I call it to myself. I am a Leo. Not just because I got birthed. Let it be for my superior dancing around the kitchen skills, or my way around an Excel spreadsheet. Yes, I'm a dancing geek.

So, why the "Call Me" header? Because Denton got me the present: iPhone 3G (16 gig!), white back. I was hoping, of course, but who knew?

Well, I did, kind of. He calls me at work to tell me that 'oh, your cell phone isn't currently working. I've had the service cut off.' Since I have Sprint and the iPhones are on AT&T, I kind of figured out he had done something.

Don't go thinking he was being completely altruistic, he got himself one too (black back). Now I just need to figure out how to use it exactly. I mean I know how to answer the phone and dial it, but I have to get my contacts moved over, load my music, set up my email, etc.

I'm quite excited, a little nervous and seemingly somewhat guilty for having such a device. But I am thrilled to be getting rid of my Treo and Sprint. The only two places I couldn't use it: home and work. ZERO signal. None. It was so frustrating.

I know Becky and Andrew love theirs, so it must be good.

Oh, and I'll be able to blog from it and Twitter away, I guess. There will be no stopping me!!!!

Song by: Blondie (Spanish version, 'natch!)
which btw, is comical because about the only two words they don't sing in Spanish are 'Call Me'.

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RJ March said...

How timely. I've just been on the phone-- NOT the cell-- trying to activate--no, RE-activate-- my phone after I had my number changed to one in THIS area code, but primarily to listen to a voicemail which apparently doesn't exist. And because I have such shitty reception here, the recording of my voicemail message sounds like me not talking every other word. Not that I use it for anything but a watch.