Sunday, August 24, 2008

Walk a Thin Line

Last night we went out see Man on Wire. I know, I know, it sounds like it should be Man on A Wire - but it's not. You'll understand when/if you seen it.

If you have not heard of it - the movie is a fairly new and limited release, probably only to the art house kind of theaters. I don't think Cinemark will be showing it in too many cities - if any.

And for those who don't know the story, before the World Trade Centers were completed, a Frenchman, Phillippe Petit, walked a highwire between the North and South Towers. This movie is a pseudo-documentary of that event.

Why pseudo? Since this was done in secret in 1974, there was no footage of the sneaking into and towers for set-up et al. Just pictures and film of the execution. So there are a lot of reenactments, but they are well done.

You know how the story ends. And you know how the non-story ends. Kind of. After 9/11 (and for this movie), Petit was interviewed extensively about the towers and his event. So, I don't think there are any spoilers in telling you that he makes the walk. And while it is never ever mentioned and the movie never goes past the Coup in 1974, you know how the story of the towers ends too. Though 9/11 is never mentioned, it is very hard to sit there and not fast forward 27 years and think of that day.

That being said - the filmmakers did a great job of keeping suspense up with the planning and scheming of Petit and his crew.

Clearly it takes a brave or foolish man to do something like this. But I tell you - the image below would have scared the crap out of me way more than the walk across. Obviously, I can say that without ever having to prove either - even if the towers were still standing.

The movie is barely over an hour long - so you are not in for any major time commitment. There are no stars, no special affects, no soon to be Oscar nominated song.

Petit's accomplishment was also documented in a children's book, The Man Who Walked Between the Towers - which I purchased for one of my nieces a number of years back. My sister said it was really well done.

But the biggest accomplishment? I'm still kind of on track for our one movie per month. I think this was #7, but with a big holiday season upon us, I think I can eke it out.

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