Monday, August 04, 2008


I think I have one or two more vacation posts in me, including this one, even though the leisure travel is over.

The time is exactly what it was supposed to be: relaxing.

We did one "major" thing every day: lighthouse, dunes, Wright Brothers, Duck, etc - and then it was just walking on the beach. Being that neither of us are ones to "lay out" - our sun came from the strolls up and down the coastline, usually 5-8 miles per day. And not tons of tan to show for it - but that's what happens when you use 30-55 SPF. We have some colour, but we're not George Hamilton brown.

On our walks, when we'd get to the place we wanted to turn around, usually we were a bit warm, so a dive into the ocean was necessary. It was a tad chilly too, but nice. Only the first two days had any waves to speak of, other than that, we both commented on how calm the surf was.

But oy, two days before we left, the mosquitoes came out. I never saw them, but I have about 40 bites all over my arms, lets and feet to show for it and prove they existed. And ITCHY!!!! I don't think I ever have been bitten that badly.

Denton got off a lot easier. For a night I wondered if we had bed bugs or something, but then the wife of our cute Cute CUTE downstairs neighbor asked if we had gotten bit badly - so I knew it wasn't any creepy crawly things in the sheets. Hopefully.

Temps were in the mid to upper 90s the entire time. Two nights we were treated to a great lightning show but minimal rain. By morning, you'd never know there was any.

The trip home, however, was no fun. None. If Denton thought I grumbled and groused on the way down, going back was much worse. First, we barely made it off the Outer Banks before we blew a tire. And I do mean blew it - a huge chunk of rubber missing. But with two of us, we had that spare changed and on the road in 15 minutes, tops. Most of it was having to unload the trunk and reload it. That puppy was hot too....the rubber....the lug nuts. Ouchy.

Then there was the traffic. Horrible planning having 3-4 lanes of traffic all of the sudden go down to two. The reported "accidents" stopping three lanes of traffic - but then getting to the site where the radio said it was - nothing. Not a piece of glass, not a scrap of metal. Nothing. I wanted to see blood, guts, burned corpses - the likes of which one can only normally see on CSI. An 11 hour trip took 15.5 hours. Blobby was quite the crank.

But I am proud of myself. I know I'll pay for it in the end, but I never once logged on to my work email. I'm sure I have 500+ messages, but there is nothing I can do about it now (being I'm drafting this at 9p on Sunday night). I guess I could log on now, but I'd just ruin the last 10 days. At this point it can wait another day.

I think the only other thing of note to happen was the call from our alarm company. We will assume that Sophie set it off......again. This makes three times.

Denton got a call on his cell phone at 3:14 pm, but we didn't have his phone with us. They called me at 4:19 pm. WTF? Waiting an hour to call the secondary contact???

We had the cat sitter go over and take a look, but nothing was broken into or damaged, hence our assumption it was Sophie up to no good. That Darn Cat!

If you care - I did take the picture of the posted image. I figured other images I will post tomorrow and that will be my last vacation entry. We did decide we cannot wait and do this every three years - and that we will have to make a concerted effort to take time off.

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