Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ticket to Ride

I almost missed a day.


Yesterday was an almost full work day and then a few hours of travel to DC. But at least it was to DC.

I was scheduled to fly on the 4:40 to Baltimore and take the train to DC. It's about $780 cheaper. I'm not kidding. Same amount of time in the air, 25 miles apart by freeway, but a world's difference in cold hard cash.

It's really the trains that throw me. If the plane is late, or the shuttle, I sit and wait for a train. And wait. And wait. Then it's still a Metro ride and a walk. Don't say 'cab it', because it's about a $90 cab ride from BWI. Swear to g-d.

So, I was sitting in CLE, listening to tunes and noticed how full the gate was. On my own, I go axe the counter lady if the flight was oversold. It was. Then I axe if they are taking volunteers to get off the plane. They were. Then I axe if they have open seats on the 4:40 fight to National. They did.

It was a no-brainer for me. I took the change. I cut 60-90 minutes from my trip and got a $150 voucher. Sweet! To be honest, I would have done it for the time decrease alone, but why tell them that?

What I couldn't figger out was, 'why no announcement at the gate' asking for volunteers? The flight to National had at least 10 open seats. I know from experience that many of those folks catch the same train to the city that I do from BWI - so why not fill up BOTH planes?

But I can't worry about them. I was out for #1.

Song by: the Carpenters

sure, I could have said the Beatles, but you have to listen to Karen & Richard's version. It is unintentionally hilarious!!!!

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