Wednesday, August 18, 2010

In the Sun

You might remember the below image from yesterday's post. It was my immediate-post golf outing picture taking session.

Bad - huh? In actuality, I should have known, other than no burn at all, this was the best case scenario.

Fast forward 12 hours. The dark pink has become dark crimson. Of course it looks even worse against my alabaster skin.

It looks like I got burned with a red hot iron. My head, face and part of my neck actually looks like I have some colour. The chest is still porcelain white.

The pain will ease, the red will fade, unfortunately probably the memory will too. I'll be back - most likely in 2011 - with another burn or two, and with only these few posts to remind me of what occurred in 2010. ....that is if I ever go back to my archives.

Song by: Blondie


Birdie said...

Ouch. Since you can't remember the sunscreen, get a hat.

Cubby said...

Why does it appear lopsided?

AJohnP said...

Oh my word....that's craziness!!
I'm sure it'll all even out in a day or two, but yowch - that looks painful. :-(

david Joseph said...

You must have used the hipster golfer cracker app for that.

Ur-spo said...

dear me
I hope you have some aloe?

Moby said...