Friday, August 06, 2010

The Climb

I'm posting some decent numbers for my blog. Not great ones, but decent ones - for me.

After the fiasco of a few months ago when my host server screwed the pooch (i.e. me) for about a week - I lost a lot of my readership. Clearly a fickle bunch follows me. Hell, I even gave a warning that I might be down, but apparently it became every man for themselves and screw the women and children first. And definitely screw BlobbysBlog. (Hell, I still don't have my images reinstalled from before that blunder.)

I'm not sure if I gained my old readership back, or I've gotten new folks following me, or a little of both, but the last month results are in - via Google Analytics - and the numbers look much better. You can click on each image to enlarge if you feel the need.

I'm up almost 34% over a month prior to. Don't get me wrong, it blows compared to some blogs, but I can only compare me to me. Sure, if I were raking in hundreds of thousands of hits per month, I'd be saying "in your face!" - but I'm can't, because I not!

I do worry that your average time on my site is 00:00:39. I don't know if I worry for you or myself. Is my writing so simplistic that you only need a half minute to read my rants prose? Or are my words so far above your reading comprehension that you just look at the purdy pictures and then move on? That will take some more investigating. I'm not sure I want to know the answers.

Over all, I'm pretty flat day to day. You can see where the readership started creeping back upwards and I peaked on the 17th of July. That was a post about my cousin, and as much as I love him, I don't think you folks were tuning in to read about our dinner (sorry David!).

More than likely it was residual traffic from a day before with my Site of the Month for July. Just a hunch.

Of course, I'd like to say: Greenland - where the fuck do you get off???

Not one of you in a month? No one?? Have you got something better to do up there? Je think not.

Africa I get - that whole no internet/electricity thing and being diamond mine slaves, and that Serengeti: "oooh, I can't stop to log on or the lions will eat me thing." Waaaaah. Cry me a river.

China - well c'mon - they're just censoring me. I don't need a tank to run over me to tell me that.

Belarus, Kazakhstan,Uzbekistan, Papua New Guinea, Bolivia,Lithuania, Norway well no one cares why you didn't tune in. No, I'm not pouting.

...and Svalbard and Jan Mayen, I speak for almost everyone when I say: no one has ever heard of you so just go away!

I've officially declared Montana and North Dakota the last two states I will ever visit. - if I make it there at all. Yeah, I'm holding a grudge.

I also track folks who refer to me. The referrers are important to my blog (and me), as about two-thirds of my visits come from them. There are the consistent few who always rank, not that it can't be a friendly competition to see who vies for my attention. Right now the top five are (in order): brettcajun, Large Tony, Sean, Stevie B, and Kelly Stern. But feel free to link and woo me.

So, I'm kind of doing my job here. It's not really a job and I don't get any commission on how many readers/countries/states/referrers I pull in to see what is what in my corner of the world. Sigh.

...but maybe I should.

Song by: No Doubt


Nice to see StevieB said...

Well at least I'm ahead of Kelly.

Wonder Man said...

well I'll be 2378

Anonymous said...

Wow, glad I can help.