Wednesday, August 25, 2010


There are some perks to being able to work from home.

One is the coming back from the gym at 07:30 and then eat breakfast in your own house. Oh, and if I opt not to, I don't have to shower at the gym, change and then come home. I can just head home and shower.............or not.

I will be the first to admit, sometimes that doesn't happen. Like yesterday. Sue me.

I am fully aware that I used to mock my beloved when he was a work at home guy for coming home to the same thing he was wearing when I left. So I got some ribbing last night when Denton came home and asked if I just worked out.

"Just" is such a relative term. If he meant 11 hours prior, then yes, it was "just".

In reality, I came home, ate my cereal and went right to work.

I have finally migrated from the kitchen to the upstairs office to work. That Aeron chair is a lot nicer than the wrought iron stools in the kitchen or the wooden dining room chairs. And I can leave the doors from the house to the apartment open for the best work perk of all.....

Kitty Kat visits.

I'd say I don't know why Sophie looks so big in these pictures, but in the last six months she's gained some pound-age. We'll have to monitor that. But she loves being around me when I'm home to work.

She just stretches out and sleeps when she's not wondering around the desk, or in the window, or in the would-be apartment bedroom.....howling like she got separated from the Pride. I thought cats were supposed to sleep all day, but she is one active feline. And she is always comes to me for kisses on top of her head. She likes to lean in, knowing she'll get a peck on her noggin. She's a good work buddy.

Very late in the afternoon, she finally conked out right next to my chair. Why she slept atop of that heavy industrial cord is beyond me. She could have easily slept a foot over and not had that. And man can she snore!!!!! But she makes me smile.

She makes her dad smile too - since I took all these pics and sent them to him at his work, 35 miles away.

Of course, Tovah is free to come and go as she pleases too, but I had no visits from her. I'm sad about that, but maybe next time.

Song by: Shakespear's Sister


Birdie said...

Your purty kitty needs to lose some weight! Overweight cats are prone to diabetes. I'm surprised she doesn't just lie across your keyboard. Our cats would go wherever our eyes were aimed: book, keyboard, newspaper, etc.

anne marie in philly said...

pretty sophie! she so looks like my meredith.

Vic Mansfield said...

I guess I could work from home, if I could ever figure out what I'm doing.

OH, funny! The "word verification" for my comment is "cative."

In reference to your post, perhaps you are "cative."