Thursday, August 12, 2010

Private Dancer

I was trying to think of something clever and funny to say regarding this image I took a few weeks ago - like what is erotic about a pole?

Then I started playing all of your would-be responses in my head that would show up in the comment section and thought better of it.

I only know from dancing around the kitchen while making dinner, but I don't know much from pole dancing, other than "ladies" with c-sections do it at four o'clock in the afternoon for singles and watered down drinks. ...and by singles, I don't mean unmarried men.

I love how some places try to sell these thar poles as "exercise" equipment, because all the "ladies" purchasing them are striving for the body of a stripper. Is this really the gold-standard now?

Anyways, it's just a kit. It is the equivalent of a treadmill. You can set it up, but if you don't use it, you only drape your clothes over it. Well, not so much on a pole can't.

It also doesn't help you get your GED or help you get over your daddy issues either.

Song by: Tina Turner


AJohnP said...

I think that the stripper pole is a great way to separate the 'men from the boys' in the world of stripping. I've seen both men and women 'work the pole' and my friends and I have used it as a way to determine who's an ok 'dancer' versus who's exceptional. If you're simply going to straddle the pole and rub up against it, we have no time for you (total amateur). BUT if you're going to do some actual stunts, that show you've got some serious upper body strength - bring it on.
Who knew I had so much to say about stripper poles?!?!?

A Lewis said...

Daddy Issues? I'm not even going to comment. About Daddy nor the pole.

Ur-spo said...

how Freudian