Tuesday, August 24, 2010

South of the Border

When we went to see Avatar on January 1 (the same day I fell down and hurt my back), we were sitting waiting to see the Navi try to fight off those nasty miner/soldier of fortune types, my friend James sat there and told us a joke.

James is a great guy, and an outstanding neurosurgeon, but joke telling wouldn't be what you would call one of his strong suits. But he pulled it off flawlessly. One I had never heard and it made me laugh and laugh - perhaps due to my pain, perhaps just due to the fact I never expected him to tell a joke.

So fast forward eight months later, and I'm in Joseph Beth Booksellers and there it is: James' joke.

....and since I had nothing else to blog about today - there you go. Now it's yours to tell.

Song by: Chris Isaak


Jonny said...

Cute joke..but..um...why are you prowling the kiddie section?

Anonymous said...

They're using that joke in the Cheeze-it commercials too.

don said...

Ok, that totally cracked me up. Thanks for that.

Blobby said...

It actually wasn't the kiddie section, but one of their main displays. Just kiddie-centric.